Water: 5 cl Sugar powder: 125 g Honey: 25 g Gelatin sheet (s) of 2 g: 4 piece (s) White (s) of egg: 2 piece (s) Pink dye: 2 pin (s) Ice sugar: 50 g Corn starch: 50 g In a saucepan, mix the water with the sugar and the honey, and cook ...


Water: 5 cl
Sugar powder: 125 g Honey: 25 g
2 g gelatin sheet (s): 4 piece (s)
Egg whites: 2 piece (s) - Pink dye: 2 pinch (s)
Icing sugar: 50 g
Corn starch: 50 g

In a saucepan, mix the water with sugar and honey, and bake at 121 ° C. Soften the gelatin in cold water. Fit the whites until they are firm. Mix the drained gelatin in the syrup out of the heat. Pour this mixture into fillets on the whites while continuing to beat and until the mixture cools. Add the dye and beat again until you get a nice smooth meringue. On a silicone sheet, sprinkle with the icing sugar mixture. Then roll out the marshmallow dough or layer small marshmallows in the shape of your choice using a piping bag. Sprinkle the marshmallows lying down with the icing sugar mixture and leave to rest. Cups of cubes with a powdered knife of icing sugar mixture. Coat the cubes with this mixture, then sift them to remove the excess.

 Puffed almonds and pears

Ingredients for four puff pastry: four squares of puff pastry close by, a box of pears in syrup, for the almond cream: 100 g Sugar powder, 100 g of soft butter, 100 g of almond powder, 50 g of flour, two eggs. Prepare first the ......

Roast pork in my way

Ingredient: 1 roast pork farmer taken from the producer ..., 2 onions, fresh mushrooms slices, water, herbs provences, salt, pepper, roast juice, a drizzle olive oil, put all in a baking dish. the oven at 180 °. Bake everything until ......

 Tart with spinach and goat cheese

My husband does not like hot goat, I made a half goat cheese and the other grated gruyere ... 1 homemade pie Spinach (s) in branch: 400 g Egg (s): 3 Milk 1/2 skimmed: 10 cl Whole liquid cream: 20 cl Goat cheese (s): 1 piece (s) Butter ......


Please excuse me, I forget the photo ... Ingredient for 4: 120 g of butter 120 g of Sugar 2 large eggs 120 g of flour 1 sachet baking powder Liquid vanilla or other perfume Melt the butter in the microwave oven waves. In a salad bowl, beat ......