Cozy, homey cafe featuring Turkish bites, coffee, desserts & seating in a backyard garden.



Lucy T.

I came here last week with a group of friends after going to the Oak Mountain State Fair. It was my first time at an Applebee's ever actually and I enjoyed it! I don't know why I never come to places like this. Their food is good, cheap, and they stay open late too! We came in super hyped up after the fair so our waitress was EXTREMELY patient. I felt so sorry for her that we took so long to make decisions. I believe her name was Becky. She went above and beyond and even brought us a kids menu with crayons while we waited. As for the food, it was okay. I got the Four Cheese Mac + Cheese with Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders that came with a breadstick. This dish was sweeter than I wanted it to be. I was hoping they combined the best of both worlds with mac & cheese and chicken tenders. But the cheese sauce, was actually much sweeter like a creamed corn sauce almost. The honey pepper chicken tenders were also sweet, so it didn't pair well together and really needed a savory component. The bacon was there, but didn't help enough. The bread i didn't eat much of. There were several items on the menu that looked good to me so I'd probably order something else when I come back. The booth was a little crammed, and they played a good amount of early 2000s pops. Jesse McCartney and Hilary Duff definitely helped my experience here!


Kristen J.

I must admit I sometimes have a craving for Applebee's boneless wings and maybe a beer and whatever else jumps out at me. After a very long day me and my babe decided to go in for cheap drinks and half priced appetizers. When we walked in a very sweet young lady named Vera ran to the door and greeted us. Our waitress Anna went over and beyond to make our experience there one of a kind. I started with the Sriracha Shrimp and the shrimp was crispy but the sauce fell short. I could hardly taste the sriracha but I was starving and it wasn't gross so I devoured them lol. Next I ordered the mild Boneless wings and a side salad. The wings were ok and the salad was fresh and awesome but again remember i was starving so I could have eaten just about anything.  My babe ordered the quesadilla burger and OMG who knew Applebee's had such a great burger. I mean my brother told me to try one and I kinda blew him off but my my my was it tasty. It was perfect and the burger was sandwich between some pretty awesome cheese and a very very crispy tortilla shell. It was served with Pico which she asked for on the side.  Omg I almost forgot to mention that the entire month of February their serving Bahama Mamas. Now my baby said it was weak but after 2 drinks I was feeling pretty tipsy. I most definitely will go back before February ends.


Tom W.

Perfect.  Walked in here and sat down immediately.  They came and took my drink order within 2-3 mins.  Then brought my drink and took my food order within another 3-5 mins.  Customer service will win you business all the time.  Crappy customer service will run me off in a heartbeat.


Tim W.

Not a fan of 1 star ratings in that everyone has a bad day but this was bad...  Not just chain restaurant  casual dining bad but bad.....   Service was very slow and food quality was bad.     Menu is confusing and not a fan of table side electronic device.


Jessica O.

I love applebees. Me and my boyfriend came here for dinner tonight and fot the 2 for 20 which is a great deal. We also got the boneless wings which were delicious get the mild bc they are hot. I got the steak mac n cheese and broccoli which I loved. It was great. My bf got yhe chicken and rice which he said the rice was dry and I tasted it and it was. He Also the chicken was dry. The spinach and artichoke dip was great. Our server waw robin and she was great and quick adk for her if you come on, overall everything was great


Cristi E.

I would give a half star if I could.Our server who shall remain nameless us since he never introduced himself nor was wearing a name tag.. Set a new all-time new low. Terrible. We saw his back side 4 times more than his front. Cesar salads great but that's it. Steaks, both mine and hub us were terrible. Manager assisted in remake. Not much better. Sad huh? Brad the manager tried hard, meant well but was far too much for me. I felt like I as being held hostage as he talked to us of sports and made excuses for the handyman server. I would never go back. Honestly I can't believe they are open. Seriously out of date, not clean. Service is worse than the food.


Sheneka C.

Worst dining experience ever. This place is disgusting. Flies everywhere,dirty blinds, light bulbs out in several fixtures so it feels dark. Rudest wait staff ever. The waitress told me I couldn't have dipping sauce with my sweet potato fries.  I was like really, I can't even add it to the order. She sat us beside the receptionist booth so I asked to change seats  that was the beginning. We never received drink refills or even offer. Food was subpar grilled veggies were burned


Amanda E.

Pretty good food, good cocktails. I like that it's open LATE - later than all the other restaurants in the area. Great place to eat, especially if you don't want to resort to fast food! My husband and I often like to go out and eat late, especially on the weekends; we tend to be night owls. And this is the ONLY restaurant open after 10 or 11pm, so we go here on a pretty regular basis, about once a month, and we quite enjoy it. My husband likes the burgers, and the fries are great, too! I usually get the Fiesta Lime Chicken, and it is quite delicious! Even my husband, who doesn't usually order chicken, thought it was fantastic and kept stealing bites off my plate!


Jeffrey H.

I have had 5-star days and 1-star days.  I generally like the store, and certain people that work there.  Food is usually good, but sometimes inconsistent.  At least the beer is always cold and in good supply :)  If you like to sit at the bar, try lunch with Francine (sp?) or certain nights when Scarlotte (sp?) is working.  I give these 2 bar tenders 5 stars.


Bob M.

Worst experience ever at a restaurant. First place I ever walked out of in 25 minutes. My wife and I ordered alcoholic drinks and our son water. After 25 minutes, we still had not received our drinks.  It really wasn't busy either with no wait at the time. Ended up leaving and going to Chick-fil-A. Just bad night.


Paul C.

I didn't experience all the miseries that other reviewers did, but there were enough issues that I felt I should write my own review. I agree that the restaurant is a little old and tired looking, but we were there on a Friday night and judging by the number of folks there, any remodeling on the interior would be worn out rather quickly.After our meal I found myself wondering what the big fuss about the place was...what did other people have to eat or were they too buzzed to care about the food?In the late 90's almost any given Applebee's was dependable for reasonably good food at a decent price. I have always compared them to places like Chili's, O'Charley's, and the like. It seems that for the last six or eight years I have always had some type of issue with my experience, so much so that we rarely go to Applebee's anymore. In that timeframe, I have been to Applebee's in Florida, Virginia and Alabama. I can say they have been consistent- consistently not as good as they used to be.I had no issues with cleanliness, speed of service or temperature of the food. As stated, the interior is not super fresh, but it was clean. Considering the amount of people there, the speed of service and order-to-dine time were impressive. We thought we were in for an impressive experience.That's where the good part of the experience basically ended. My wife and I ordered the 2-for-...two entrees and an appetizer for . The side items with the entrees were great. The baked potatoes were cooked perfectly as well as the steamed broccoli. They both had hearty flavor, were nice and piping hot and as good or better than we hoped.However, the main item we ordered was a seven ounce steak. These were not good at all. They were cooked correctly to the right level of "done" and they were hot, but the flavor, texture, density and overall taste was pitiful. I would have sent them back, but we quickly realized these were faux steaks - that condensed, glued, dense, potted meat textured slab that technically passes as 100% whatever, but pales in comparison to a real cut of steak. If you don't know what I mean, order the "turf", or steak tips at Captain D's - it's only around .50 - and you'll get the idea. I ended up leaving at least four ounces on the plate and when the waitress asked if I needed a box, I told her "heck no!"I don't know at what point they switched to this type of meat. It has been over a year since our last trip to an Applebee's and I'm sure it will be quite a while before we go back. The steaks weren't fake the last time.


Ebone R.

Very Very Disappointed!!  My family and I stopped going to a location close to our home because the Pelham location served the Bourbon Street Steak.  My husband has enjoyed this entree for the last 13+plus years.  Well tonight we found out that Applebee's has changed their steak and added a garlic butter.  This was not a good move at all.  The entree was disgusting and nothing like the original Bourbon Street Steak.  BAD MOVE APPLEBEES


Karl C.

With all the ad hype that Applebee's has been running, I've been curious as to what kind of burger you could get for ,99 on Monday nights.  Since the Pelham Applebee's is down the street from my gym, I decided to check it out post-workout.  I arrived about 7:30 PM on Monday, and they were not overly busy.  The hostess and my waiter both were friendly, but seemed a bit lethargic (maybe there was an earlier dinner rush?).  Decor was a slightly deluxe version of a Denny's or IHOP.  The waiter quickly informed me that it was burger night and pointed out there were some exceptions (the brunch burger, the Texan burger, and the quesadilla burger are not .99).  I still had the regular cheeseburger, the Swiss mushroom burger, the bacon BBQ cheeseburger, and the triple bacon burger to choose from.  I decided to damn the arteries and chose the triple bacon burger.  The burger was "seared in" bacon, had two strips of bacon on it, and included BBQ bacon ranch dressing on it along with cheddar cheese. I wasn't expecting a huge burger, and I was right.  It was about the size of a McDonald's single, but with a larger (maybe 1/4 pound) patty.  The burger and fries were hot when served although the cheese on the burger seemed to be solidifying instead of being "warm and melty".  All in all, the burger was tasty and a pretty good value at .99.  The fries were also pretty good--I was expecting them to be either cold, half-cooked, or clammy. Refills on fries are free, and you have the choice of homemade chips instead. Applebee's makes some of their money on charging me .49 for a glass of tea, but since other places charge much more, I shouldn't complain. Considering you would probably pay the same amount at the neighboring Whataburger and McDonalds for a similar burger, Applebee's comes out a bit ahead--at least on Monday nights.  The same burger that I got is on the regular menu for .99.  It's definitely not worth that!  Mugshots, Mooyah, and Five Guys don't have to worry about Applebee's putting them out of business anytime soon, but if there's a convenient Applebee's, it's not a bad choice for a Monday night!


Lauren T.

Nothing too exciting to report. It's a chain restaurant. It's got a good location next to Oak Mt. Amphitheater, which is convenient on concert days. We were seared quickly. Server wasn't overly friendly but whatever. We ordered 2 of the pick 3 appetizer combos. The pretzels with beer cheese and mini cheeseburgers were my favorite. The quesadilla and boneless wings were just ok. Cheese sticks were average- probably frozen. Spinach artichoke dip was yummy. Prices were reasonable.


Ashley A.

It took forever for the three of us to get our food.  I ordered a steak and while I didn't expect for it to be great, I did expect a medium steak to not be more than well done.  I made the additional mistake of sending it back because it was so overcooked I couldn't even cut into it.  Another 35 minutes later, I get a steak that is just a smidge under well done and the manager acted like I was being picky or something.  It would have taken them six tries to get that a medium steak isn't tough and completely cooked.  Needless to say this was a while ago, but I never went back.  The restaurant was empty.  Really guy?  A bar and grill can't halfway cook a steak right?


Jana C.

Lunch with 3 friends today. I haven't been to this location since high school years (20 years) and wow it shows. This location needs some updating!! Food was awesome as always from Applebees. Mia was waitress and amazing, attentive and sweet!


Ray W.

I haven't been very excited about Applebees and have rarely eaten there for almost two decades.  Over the past 7 years, we have eaten at this location three times  and have never walked away satisfied with our experience. Recently, we ate lunch at an Applebees out of town and found their new burgers suprisingly good.  Tonight, we decided to try the burgers at this location.  Truly awful, totally different experience.  I've never sent anything back anywhere.  But I really wanted to here.  I had to look at the menu again and  confirm with the waitress that it was the same burger on the menu. Where was the bacon? The pickles? The onion? Their really really special sauce? Oh, it was hiding under the cheese.  Sure, there were a few diced pieces of something there, but very short in abundance and flavor.  Still, I swear I tasted no bacon and the sauce, if present was invisible.  My better half 's experience was no better. Missing sauce and stale dry bun.  If this place can screw up a burger so bad, I would hate to see what else they can do.  It smelled a bit like cigarette smoke as well.  Not sure, if smoking is still allowed or not.


Jinsoku P.

The family and I drove from San Francisco, CA. to Montgomery,AL.We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express right by Applebee's.We ordered:Bourbon Street SteakShrimp 'N Parmesan SirloinTriple Chocolate MeltdownWe used Carside ToGo..It took 15 minutes, the girl that came out with our order was very nice and the food was GREAT!!!! Don't Hesitate, this place is good!!!


Sarah D.

Last time I went, I went with a big group. I ordered a milkshake. It was given to me without a straw. The waitress left quickly and I didn't have enough time to say anything. I sat there and watched my whipped cream melt before our waitress FINALLY came back so I could ask her for one. She also left our food sitting out and delivered it to us cold. Not a good experience.


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